If ever there were a report that had to be written from the standpoint of benefitting pharmacy owners, it is this report. As The Pharmacy Sage, I have seen many a bad decision and ineffective performance by far too many pharmacy owners. Enough of these ineffective decisions! Let’s correct them. Effectiveness can be learned. It must be learned. And, the Pharmacy Sage is on a mission to see that it gets corrected. This report is the beginning. For those who are seriously interested in making such corrections rapidly, it can be both the beginning and the end of making ineffective decisions. A few pharmacy owners have made much more effective decisions time and time again. They have become millionaires as a consequence. Hear me loud and clear; effective decisions make the difference relating to making a lot of money and feeling at ease while you guide your pharmacy to its proper destiny. On the other hand, ineffective decisions can destroy your pursuit of that destiny. Making effective decisions may be the single most important element of being the leader of your pharmacy. It’s all encompassing. As such, it demands that you embrace effectiveness because effective decisions are the ones to lead you to your goals and aspirations. Ineffective ones can destroy those goals and aspirations. In determining how to handle problems, as well as opportunities, you have: 

  • Efficiency vs Effectiveness? What is the Difference? (chapter 2)
  • What is leadership—a true and apt definition for that as your North Star (chapter 5)
  • 13 Things Tough Minded Pharmacy Owners Never Do (chapter 7)
  • The 6 Essential Skills That Convert Owners into Extraordinary Money Makers (chapter 9)
  • The 5 Acid Tests That Determine the Effectiveness of Your Leadership (chapter 10)
  • Leadership Tools That Can Add $150,000 to $300,000 Annually in High Margin Sales. Yes, you can. As The Pharmacy Sage, I have helped many do so. (chapter 11)
  • 3 Keys to Effective Leadership (chapter 13)
  • The 6 tasks of the manager as a way of proceeding methodically to diagnose a problem or analyze an opportunity. They are the 6 most basic and fundamental steps you can possibly take. (chapter 17)
  • The 7 Rules for Creating Wealth in Your Independent Pharmacy (chapter 19) 

Effectiveness can be learned—and must be learned. The Pharmacy Sage maintains that one of the quickest and easiest ways to learn to be more effective is by reading this report. No other current literature that he has found addresses this subject in the manner that this report does for pharmacies. So read it, learn from it, and become the effective leader that you want to be. If, in the next 6 months, you never read anything more than the introduction and the first 3 chapters, you will have received a more wonderful education in effective leadership than you would obtain if you had read 12 other books!  


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